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Why Does God Allow Pain

The issue of personal suffering is a timeless human reality. It touches every person, and in the lives of some, endless days are filled with anguish, despair and the arduous struggle of grappling with the question, “Where is God when it hurts?”  The burden of dealing with unrelenting pain and suffering, often creates a tremendous challenge to one’s faith and trust in God. The question of God’s goodness and mercy can seem conflictive and incongruent when struggling with unanswered prayer and the seeming silence of God. It is crucial to have a Biblical perspective when living with continuous pain, so as to grasp and understand God’s special purpose in the life of the sufferer. When weariness and doubt overwhelm us we need to tap into His peace and strength when caught in the crucible of suffering.  

When your Past is your Prison

To many people, the past can be a painful legacy of hurtful memories. The trauma of childhood abuse can influence the development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic attacks, phobic disorders, flashbacks from memory triggers, and can create a lifetime of debilitating depression. Certain childhood experiences create prison cells of grief, abuse, rejection, resentment, and the bondage of addiction. These prison cells can keep a person a prisoner of their past throughout their lives. Breaking free from the prison of the past must grow out of a Biblical understanding of how God can heal the painful wounded memory of the person who trusts in Him. When your past is your prison, exchange a lifetime of defeat and bondage, for a life of personal liberating freedom.

Healing the Memories of a Troubled Past

It is virtually impossible to travel through the pathways of this life, without experiencing times of significant trauma. We are bombarded by the media with a kaleidoscope of natural disasters, the ravages or war, and cruel violent acts unleashed upon innocent victims. We were never created to experience trauma nor see it acted out before us. When something painful happens to us as a child, that experience becomes encoded within our memory and so does the emotional impact that that event had upon us at that time. God can heal painful wounded memories through the application of Biblical truth and healing prayer. This presentation presents practical guidelines when seeking healing  for the memories of a troubled past. 

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Why Does God Allow Pain

When your Past is your Prison


How to Heal the Memories of a Troubled Past

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