Monday, June 4, 2012

Terminal Illness: I’ll be here at Sunset

When was it that I felt the rush of seeing you walk by? I had not realized I gazed with wonder in my eyes; you passed me and I breathed your essence, as sweet as morning dew. You held my gaze, and smiled at me, and then somehow I knew.

I wondered how you touched my soul with such yearning within me. When you would enter a room my heart would race so anxiously; Your presence filled my heart with love and in my mind I’d seen, That we would come to know that we would share eternity.

Those encounters are now etched with time like photographs in my heart. The pathway along the shore of the sea was such a tender start. Sometimes I smell the fragrance you wore, it brings memories of you. For when we kissed, I could not breathe; time stopped for love was true

Those days are long ago yet seem as fresh as the morning dew. When your illness came, we held each other and tears we shared a few. You are my best friend, my intimate lover; I will always love you true. While lonely nights they haunt me still, at dawn I’ll be with you.

There comes a time in each one's life, when love it comes your way. Amidst the trials, the joys and strife, we shared our special days. Someone once said, "Love conquers all" and in our life we see, that when through valleys, we'd stumble and fall, our love would set us free.

My thoughts they wander to those days, when all alone we stood. It may have seemed life was a maze, yet love showed that we could. We found the strength in winter time, to face the coming storm. “Lord how will I live my life without my love when comes the morn?”

I visit your room in the hospital now; the moments are precious and few. Each day I find a fragrant rose or a carnation that is just for you. I love you my dear and I always will and it scares me to see you so. Below the level of spoken word you can hear me weep I know.
Each day when I draw near to you, my heart it still races away. Just know that I will be here forever, right by your side I'll stay. I smell your fragrance and kiss your lips and whisper, "I love you." You’d squeeze my hand to say to me in words that no one knew.

When was it that I felt the rush of just seeing you so near? So long ago and yet I know that I will always feel this dear. I gaze at you with wonder and I call your name out low, "Let's journey through precious memories, let's visit days of old."

When others pass by your room and wonder at stories I tell to you, I pay no mind as we travel through time, and we share those moments anew. I whisper to you of those days gone by, such happiness we shared; Some people will never know the joy to love one who is so fair.

When morning breaks with glorious light and crimson fills the sky, I will be here to share with you while I silently wonder why. I will cherish each moment until shadows come with lonely silhouette' Right here with you I will be near and I’ll be here at sunset.