Sunday, May 8, 2011

When Mom is Standing Near

Sometimes I find my heart still grieves since Mother passed away. I find it's when life takes me back to times where she would say, "No matter what have to face,or if troubles come this day, there is the man you are inside that will always find a way."

It isn't just the sound of rain upon my windowsill, or wind  that whispers through the trees and calls me to be still. It isn't heaven so vivid blue or clouds that paint the sky; the presence of her standing near, reminds me yet to try.

She gave me inspiration and she filled my mind with words,
And ever since I was a child, her voice I understood.
When times were tough, I'd want to quit, she wouldn’t hear of that, She'd dust my shoulders, tousle my hair, and pat me on the back.

A thousand ways she gave to me what no one else could give,
I wonder now that she is gone," Mom why did you not live? "
I miss the sparkle in her eyes, the smile upon her face;
and on those lonely, empty nights, your memory I do trace.

"You gave me love and pride and hope, you made me understand, that even if you were not here, you'd always hold my hand. To others I do seem so sure, so confident, and poised. But when I'm in the midnight hour, I'm just your little boy."

I stand upon the precipice of now, what time will be,
and look at all that I must face, the challenge just for me.
I will not fail, I won't give up, I ever more will stand,
and be the man she made of me, to walk upon this land.

"So mother, I am thankful, that you helped this man today,
a man that will embrace his dreams and conquer come what may. So blow upon the window rain, wind whisper midst the trees, I know that it will be alright, for Mom was here with me."

Thinking of you on Mother's Day Mom